Wee Folks Menu

Circa Wee Ones Menu | for our little ones (10 and under, please)

farmhouse breakfast | an egg your way, your choice of Roundman’s bacon, house made pork sausage, or chicken-sage sausage + rosemary home-fries 8

Zoe’s vanilla bean yogurt | Circa ‘62’s famous granola* + vanilla bean yogurt  6

Natalie’s Chocolate Toast | Toasted English muffin with sweet butter and dutch chocolate sprinkles 5

Molly’s almond flour pancakes | pure maple syrup (gluten-free) 9

Arthur’s french toast | butter + pure maple syrup 6

Shiny’s birthday cake pancakes | vanilla batter, sprinkles, sweet butter + pure maple syrup 5

Charlie’s grilled cheese | Monterey jack + cheddar cheese, rosemary home-fries 7

Winston’s english muffin | homemade peanut butter + blackberry preserves 4

*contains toasted oats, almonds, coconut, sunflower + pumpkin seeds, apricots, golden raisins, cranberries, maple + Lover’s Lane honey