Pet Policy

Mendocino Pet-Friendly Lodging

At the Inn at Schoolhouse Creek, we know that pets need vacations too!

We welcome our pet guests with their own “Pet Package” including a bed, food and water bowls, a towel, waste bags, and a welcome treat! We look forward to meeting your furry friends and making them feel welcome!

Our pet fee is $30 per pet for each night of their stay but we cap our pet fee at $120+tax. To ensure that all guests have an enjoyable stay, we’ll ask pet parents to sign the following Pet Guidelines when you check-in.

Inn at Schoolhouse Creek Pet Guidelines

The number one thing we ask is that pets never be left alone. We understand Fluffy is left alone in their own home, but this is a strange and unfamiliar place for them and we would never want your pet to be lonely or in any danger. If you need pet sitting services, we recommend At Last Dog Camp in Mendocino.

  • $30 per pet fee is charged for each pet guest per night. 
    • We accept dog and cat guests only-please do not bring your pet rhino, as cute as he may be.
  • Service animals that are individually trained to help a person with his or her disability are welcomed.
    • Free pet stays will be given to service animals with ADA certification-this does not include ESA animals.
    • Dogs or cats whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support (ESA) do not qualify as service animals under the ADA and will be charged.
  • There is a 2 pet limit per accommodation.
    • Some of our smaller units like Cypress Cottage and Water Tower Cottage are perfect for smaller pets. If you’re bringing your Great Dane, a larger cottage would be much more comfortable for both of you.
  • Well socialized, domesticated pets are welcome (non-aggressive dogs and cats)
  • Verification of Bordetella and rabies vaccinations within the past 12 months should be kept on hand, just in case.
  • Pets must be free of ticks and fleas.
  • Prior to arrival, we request your pet’s name and breed for identification purposes
  • Pets may not be left alone in the unit or on the grounds at any time, even in a crate.
    • This policy is for their safety and comfort, as well as the comfort of our other guests.
    • If you need pet sitting services, we recommend At Last Dog Camp in Mendocino.
  • Please prevent your pet from barking or otherwise disturbing guests.
    • In the event that the Inn at Schoolhouse Creek incurs any loss of business or compensation is required for another guest due to noise complaints, or other pet related issues, those charges will be billed accordingly to your guest account.
  • Owners must be in control of their pet at all times; likewise, cats must be constrained at all times.
  • Please clean up after your pet.
    • Complimentary waste pick-up stations are scattered around the property for your use and bags will be provided for you. Please contact an Innkeeper should you need additional bags.
  • If additional cleaning is required for bedding, carpeting or furniture, or if any damages are incurred due to your pet, all related charges will be billed accordingly to your guest account.
  • Because of numerous guest complaints, Captain’s Watch is no longer a pet friendly room. If you reserved Captains and are bringing a dog, please reach out to our innkeepers so that we can reserve a suitable room or cottage for you. Thank you.

The Inn at Schoolhouse Creek reserves the right to deny acceptance of any “pet guest,” particularly in situations where the pet becomes “unwelcome” due to aggressive behavior or disturbing other guests, the hotel may request that the “pet guest” and its owners seek accommodations elsewhere.