Circa ’62 is Temporarily Closed

Are you a Chef or Restaurant Manager and want to take on a new project? Know a friend that wants to open a restaurant in beautiful Mendocino?

Circa ’62 is for lease!

A turnkey operation with 45 seats indoors and 14 outdoors, this space is perfect for its next addition! A popular restaurant to visitors and locals alike, Circa’s menu continues to entice the taste buds with mouthwatering delights and curiosities as we are constantly receiving reservation requests and inquiries. As we all know, no other place in the area has quite what we had! Dog friendly dining, ocean views, and a garden with chipmunks and bunnies to watch while you dine just can’t be beat! We have all of the recipes and we need to be able to share them with the world again!

Any interested or curious parties, please call Inn at Schoolhouse Creek at 707-937-5525.

A word about our historic setting, the Ledford Farmhouse

In 1862, just ten years following the arrival of the first settlers on the Mendocino Coast (and a year before Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address), mill owner and rancher Charles Perkins built the Inn’s historic Ledford Farmhouse. In 1888 Perkins built a mansion on the hill to the south of the Inn and in so doing renovated the farmhouse to give to his daughter as a wedding present. The coffered old growth redwood ceilings you see while dining at Circa ’62 were added for the wedding and were quite the statement of affluence and style for the time. Since Circa ‘62 opened we have done our best to live up to the beauty of Mr. Perkins’s home (yes, some of our guests and staff believe he’s still here) by serving a great breakfast that shows off the best local stuff, has a sense of fun, and is really just an extension of our own home… We (he) can’t wait to meet you!

How it all started…

20 years after meeting at Half Moon Bay’s Shorebird Restaurant with a 10-year side trip in the hotel business, Kevin & Sandy VanderBes decided to take their passion for hotels, food, & wine a step further. In June 2011 Samir Tuma introduced them to this wonderful inn on the coast he was restoring and by the end of the weekend it was clear that this was a match for the ages.

Kevin & Sandy treated Circa ‘62 as an extension of their home where they raised a half dozen or so kids and entertained friends and grand-kids by preparing seasonal, simple, well-made food raised in the neighborhood. For them it was all about bringing family and friends together to celebrate life. Circa ‘62 was a tribute to the “Great American Breakfast” coupled with an eye for fun and unforgettably warm hospitality. Kevin and Sandy have moved on now but we hope that soon the hospitality and great breakfast will continue on!


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