Why You Need to Experience These Mendocino Hot Springs

Mendocino is the perfect destination for anyone looking to unwind and get away from it all. But, if you’re really trying to melt your troubles away, you have to visit one or both of the Mendocino hot springs. Vichy Hot Springs and Orr Hot Springs are, for sure, the hot spots of Mendocino (pun intended)! Before you take a dip in the soothing spring water, make sure you use our free Vacation Guide. This handy tool will tell you all you need to know about the best dining, attractions, and entertainment in Mendocino.

These Mendocino Hot Springs Will Melt Your Troubles Away

Orr Hot Springs

Westerners discovered Orr Hot Springs in the 1800s, but the springs were first found by Native Americans long before then. We’re talking centuries! Orr Hot Springs Resort is in a secluded area near the Montgomery Woods, so you can expect a tranquil getaway. The forest has some of the tallest trees in the entire country!

Healing Powers of Orr Hot Springs

Many believe these sulfur pools of water promote healing effects. In the 1800s and early 1900s, people used hrydrotherapy to cure a variety of illnesses or ailments like arthritis, high blood pressure, or kidney troubles. You may even experience some of the healing yourself!

Orr Hot Springs Pools

Take a day trip to Orr Hot Springs for a soothing soak in the communal tubs, private tubs, and cold pool. Then steam your cares away in the steam room.

Note that clothing is optional, and you have to make a reservation for a daytime visit.

Vichy Hot Springs

Vichy Hot Springs has been relieving stress for people for more than 165 years. These alkaline and carbonated waters were once named ‘Day’s Soda Springs,’ and it’s no wonder why!

Vichy Springs was named after the hot springs that Julius Caesar discovered in France. He believed the water made his horses stronger because of its minerals and healing properties. Today, people use the springs to heal burns, cuts, rashes, and eczema. 

Your skin will feel fantastic after less than five minutes of soaking in the soothing pools of water.  The carbonation in the water relaxes the skin, and dilates your body’s capillaries. 

Vichy Hot Springs Pools

You can relax in several outdoor and indoor pool options. Relax in the hot pool, which is about 104 degrees. The water flows from a deep, cold mineral source, and is heated to the perfect temperature for you to unwind.

If you’re ready to cool off, dive into the Olympic-sized swimming pool. Then, take a scenic hike on a nature trail to the Chemisal Falls pool. No worries if you work up a sweat on your walk. Chemisal Falls is cool and refreshing!

Rejuvenation Begins With Inn at Schoolhouse Creek

Before and after your day trip to the Mendocino hot springs, relax in a cozy cottage or room at Inn at Schoolhouse Creek. Who says the hot springs have to be the only relaxing part of your vacation? It’s always a relaxing time at our charming inn. 

Inside the spa

Make sure to stop by our spa for ultimate rejuvenation. The yurt-style spa offers wonderful facial and massage treatments. Breathe in the light scents of aromatherapy essential oils and breathe out any stress that you may have brought from home.

Your peaceful Mendocino getaway awaits. Check our availability and book a vacation of relaxation and wonderful times.