toasted walnut-cinnamon bread*

chia seed pudding | dark chocolate, almond milk, coconut + brûléed bananas

savory french toast │ pelican bread’s seeded yecora wheat bread in a savory batter, hot smoked local coho salmon, spring garlic, hard cooked eggs gribiche with cornichons, piickled mustard seeds + capers

huevos rancheros │ chicken tinga, crisp tortillas, sour cream, avocado salsa, cotija cheese + two eggs

circa burger | grass-fed Covelo beef, jack cheese, Roundman’s bacon, hash brown waffle, arugula with an egg on a toasted brioche bun + rosemary home fries (be hungry) 15.95

panzon’s brinner tacos │ grilled crispy pork belly + bacon, caramelized jalapenos y onions, cherry tomato salsa, encurtidos, cotija + papas enojados

house granola | toasted oats, almonds, coconut, sunflower + pumpkin seeds, apricots, golden raisins, maple, Lover’s Lane honey + yogurt or vanilla bean steamed milk 9.95 :: add fresh cut strawberries 2.50

slow death on a raft… | hash brown waffle, house made pork sausage gravy + a pair of eggs

slow death on a leaky raft… | with covelo beef chicken-fried steak

kimchi pancakes | savoy cabbage, kimchi, scallions, NCB’s scrimshaw, rice flour batter, avocado hollandaise and our sriracha (vegan+gluten free) :: not so vegan | kimchi + bacon cakes

hard cider french toast |caballero pobré-style with thick sliced levain, cinnamon-nutmeg batter, caramelized apples, sweet cream + cider syrup

bacon + mushroom hash | unsmoked Roundman’s bacon – slow cooked like pork belly, then made a little crispy, local + wild mushrooms, potatoes, scallions + two eggs

breakfast sandwich | two eggs fried soft, Pt Reyes Toma, pickled mustard seeds, scallion aïoli on a toasted brioche bun + potatoes with or add avocado, bacon, sausage or ham
Marcie’s hot mess variation | our breakfast sandwich made with chile-garlic eggs, Roundman’s ham, caramelized onions

soft scrambled eggs | local + forages seasonal vegetables from wavelength farms, roasted tomatoes, kale, mendocino shiitakes, local goat cheese + rosemary home-fries

rosemary pork sausage + eggs | house made pork sausage + rosemary home-fries

prefer bacon or chicken sage sausage?

almond flour pancakes | ground almonds, almond milk + vanilla with pure maple or with roasted bosc pears + brown butter syrup (gluten-free)

the “62” | two eggs, choice of our pork sausage, bacon, or chicken sage sausage, a slab of french toast + rosemary home-fries


noah’s special │ toasted costeaux english muffin, peanut butter + candied bacon

opa’s toast │ toasted costeaux english muffin, butter + deruijter milk chocolate sprinkles

walnut cinnamon toast

rosemary home-fries

slow death in a bowl

slice of french toast

one almond pancake

bowl of fresh cut strawberries

hash brown waffle, cherry tomato salsa + sour cream

chicken sage sausage

house made pork sausage patties

Roundman’s bacon with extra bacon,
topped with bacon

buttered levain toast + our blackberry preserves

two eggs

egg whites


big river coffee’s inn at schoolhouse creek blend

café au lait or latte

mexican chocolate mocha, cappuccino

espresso + americano │ single shot │ double shot │ more

pot of mendocino tea co. tea

mexican hot chocolate

orange juice

grapefruit juice

local apple juice

cranberry juice

tomato juice

house made lemonade

mendocino sunset iced tea

arnold palmer

bundaberg root beer

mexican coke

clover organic whole milk – chilled or steamed

pellegrino (750)

Our menu is subject to change… by the hour sometimes

A service charge of 20% will be added to all room-service items and groups of six or more.
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